Freak Kitchen

Freak Kitchen

After I shot Freak Kitchen at this year’s Gothenburg Culture Festival I was contacted by their guitarist and lead singer Mattias Eklundh who really enjoyed my images. We exchanged a couple of emails and he asked me if I wanted to come and photograph their performance at Stora Teatern in November where they planned to kick off their Cooking With Pagans tour. Of course I accepted and yesterday evening I picked up my camera bag and headed to the old theater venue in the center of Gothenburg. Once the concert started, I shot for a little over half an hour before I headed home to start the editing of what turned out to be a decent set of images of a very entertaining heavy metal act.

The performance was live streamed over the internet and I felt that the small photo pit in front of the stage was probably mainly intended for the film crew. A couple of other photographers also used it but I decided to stay out. Before I got to the venue I had hoped that the theater balconies would be lit up more and create the greatest backdrop in the history of mankind but unfortunately they were not. Therefore I felt that there was little to gain from being in the photo pit and I decided to shoot from the sides to try to avoid the nostril shots and the microphone stands as much as possible instead. Compared to when I photographed Freak Kitchen at the Gothenburg Culture Festival 2014 (images available here) I think the technical quality of the final images is better this time around but, in my opinion, the older images contain more energy and great poses. Which set of images do you prefer?

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