This year, Liseberg decided to end their concert season with a bang. Ghost‘s performance at Stora scenen was something that I had been looking forward to photographing for a long time and I wasn’t disappointed. Once again I shot for Decibell Media, my second ever assignment for them, and some of the resulting images are thus available for purchase on their website. For me, this was a great ending to an awesome summer of concert photography where I have shot more performances than ever before. The challenge for me now is to try to keep the momentum going and continue to photograph more concerts during the fall.

As a band, Ghost feels a bit strange to me. I can’t quite match their music with their appearance as they sound a lot less evil than they look. Maybe this duality is the reason why I decided to go for two very different looks for my images, one in color and one in B&W. To me, the B&W images feel a lot more moody and it feels like Ghost is performing some kind of evil ritual in a church somewhere instead of playing at an amusement park. The color images tell another story that, in my opinion, is more in line with their sound rather than their appearance. I like both looks but I do prefer the B&W images. Without the music, these images just feel more genuine to me. What do you think?


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