Kapten Hurricane

Kapten Hurricane

Kapten Hurricane‘s performance at Sticky Fingers last night was the 58th and last concert I will shoot during 2014. Overall, it was a nice way to wrap up 2014 in terms of music photography and I will dearly miss shooting shows during the holiday season. It was also a nice experience as this was the second concert ever that I was personally asked to come and shoot, something which is always nice. Kapten Hurricane’s lead singer, Christian Johansson, and I were class mates in high school and, for some time, we have tried to find an opportunity where I could help him and the band out. Yesterday that opportunity finally arrived and I hope the resulting images can serve Kapten Hurricane well.

Last night was actually the first time I have shot a concert at Sticky Fingers and, in general, a small venue like this often means bad lighting conditions. For me, bad lighting conditions at a concert are caused by either low light levels, bad quality of light, or bad direction of light. Even though the direction of light was fairly nice, I would say that the small stage at Sticky Fingers offered a bit of both of the other issues yesterday. Low light levels meant that I had to shoot at ISO 6400 in order to get reasonable shutter speeds. Bad light quality, which in this case meant highly saturated combinations of blue and red light, meant that I decided to turn all the images into black & white in post-processing. In the end, the final images might not have the highest technical quality due to the somewhat difficult conditions, but I still like the emotion in the shots and I hope that Christian and the rest of the band likes them too.

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