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Photography Resolutions for 2015

As you may or may not know, I come up with three photography goals, or photography resolutions as I also call them, each year. The purpose of these resolutions is to have something to strive for in order to help me develop as a photographer. This year I have been a bit slow and it might seem a little late to present my photography resolutions for 2015 when 25% of the year has passed. The reason is that I didn’t feel that last year’s resolutions did me much good and I wanted to make sure that this year’s resolutions really make sense for me and my photography. So, here are my official photography resolutions for 2015 and I promise to work hard in order to fulfill them all.

Resolution #1: Shoot concerts at five new venues

I love shooting concerts and last year I shot 58 of them in total. This year I will try to shoot even more but that’s not my main goal. You can shoot 300 concerts at the same location and not develop at all because the presented challenge is more or less the same. My aim for 2015 is therefore not to focus only on quantity and quality but also diversity. I want to shoot at five concert venues that I haven’t shot at before. Not necessarily larger, just somewhere other than the venues I usually shoot at. I think this is the best way for me to develop as a concert photographer.

Resolution #2: Do three TFP shoots with models I haven’t photographed before

One of my resolutions from 2014 was to shoot a TFP shoot with a model I didn’t know. I failed. However, I did do a couple of portrait session with a couple of my friends and I really enjoyed it. Therefore I want to push myself harder this year to really try to get into portrait and model photography. I have plenty of ideas for photo shoots, I just need to find the right models to collaborate with. So, if you are an aspiring model, or just someone who enjoys being in front of a camera, don’t hesitate to contact me and let’s create some beautiful images together!

Resolution #3: Publish at least twenty street photographs online

Up until now, the main focus of my photography has been concerts and portraits. I have, however, always been fascinated by, and jealous of, really good street photography. Maybe because I think it’s so difficult and scary. To really challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone during 2015 I have therefore decided that I will try to get into street photography. I will keep my first stumbling steps into the world street photography a bit separated from the rest of my work, by posting them on my Flickr page instead of here, but, who knows, maybe there will be a street photography section on Elegant Exposures in the future. As a first step, I’m aiming for twenty street images during 2015 that I feel are decent enough to show the world. This will definitely require that I beef up my courage a bit but I’m certain I can do it. Keep your fingers crossed!

Photography Resolutions for 2015Mikael

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