New Elegant Exposures

The New Elegant Exposures

It’s no secret that Internet technology is developing at a very rapid pace. What was considered modern yesterday will be obsolete tomorrow and Elegant Exposures is no exception. During the two years that have passed since I launched the original website in the beginning of 2013 I have gathered experience about what worked well with the site and what I wanted to improve. About two months ago I felt that the time was right and I started to plan for a major website upgrade. The result is what you see here today: The New Elegant Exposures! In this blog post I share three key features of the new Elegant Exposures website and my thoughts behind them.

#1: Focus on images

I’m a photographer and I run Elegant Exposures because I want to share my images with the world. My number one goal when designing the new website was therefore to make sure that my images would be the center of attention. The most important thing I have done to achieve this is to create a separation between my blog and my images by introducing the Photo Shoots section, a place where the images can stand for themselves instead of being hidden at the bottom of a blog post. Also, images are in general displayed much larger on the new website compared to the old one. Too me, the new Elegant Exposures feels more like a photographer’s website and I hope you agree.

#2: Modern design

After two years, the old Elegant Exposures started to feel a bit outdated. I wanted the new website to have a brighter and cleaner look. More importantly however, I wanted the website to have full support for high resolution retina screens and an improved responsive design so that it would better suit all types of displays that are available today. I’m really happy with the new design and I think it takes care of my website needs for at least a couple of years. The new design also supports a couple of features that I keep as a secret for now but may introduce to the site in the future. The new Elegant Exposures simply gives me room to grow if I want to.

#3: Improved workflow

To me, improving my workflow is all about increasing convenience and speed. The structure of the new Elegant Exposures, where I separate my blog from my images as previously discussed, allows me to produce content in a more efficient way. As I no longer need to write a blog post every time I want to share images I can publish these images quicker. The blog will also benefit from this structure as I have more freedom to fill the blog posts with interesting content. I’m hoping that this will result in an increased number of visitors to the website and an increased awareness of my brand as better content that is published fast usually tends to get more attention.

All in all, I must say that I’m both proud of and excited about the new Elegant Exposures. I’m, of course, also very curious about your opinion. Is the new website the improvement I was looking for? Would you like me to have done something differently? I really hope you like it but even if you don’t, feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you think. After all, this website is for you. Welcome to the new Elegant Exposures!

The New Elegant ExposuresMikael

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