Tomas Andersson Wij

Tomas Andersson Wij

Tomas Andersson Wij‘s performance at Stora Teatern last week was the second show I ever shot at this old theater venue in the center of Gothenburg. However, it was the first concert I shot from the theater side of the stage as Freak Kitchen‘s show about a month ago used the stage in its reversed configuration with a standing audience on the other side of it. Tomas Andersson Wij was definitely a well suited act for the theater stage configuration with a seated audience and I really enjoyed photographing his performance. Once again I covered the event for Decibell Media and, as usual, most of the images shown here are available for purchase on their website.

The combination of Tomas Andersson Wij and his music, the seated audience, and the old theater’s beautiful interior created a sense of intimacy around the concert that I really liked. The lighting conditions were also nice even though it was a bit difficult to control the highlights on Tomas’ head at times. The only other issue was the fact that the front row of seats was positioned really close to the stage and since I didn’t want to disturb the people sitting there I had to settle with shooting from the sides. This limited the variation in my images a bit but I’m still quite happy with the results. I hope you like them too!

Tomas Andersson WijMikael

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