Wintergatan‘s performance on Friday was one of the greatest concert experiences I have ever had at Taubescenen. The happiness and positive energy they shared with their audience was absolutely wonderful and I just couldn’t stop smiling throughout their performance. From a photographic perspective, Wintergatan turned out to be both great and really difficult at the same time. This was, however, the first concert for quite a while where I deemed the resulting images to be of secondary importance to the music. As surprised as I was over my reaction, I think it serves as a personal recognition of their work.

The difficulties I had photographing Wintergatan’s show is related to the complexity of their music. The stage is filled to the brim with more or less odd looking instruments and the band members constantly seem to be on the run to pick up the next instrument to use. This is impressive and fun to look at but difficult to photograph as the band members often are hidden behind instruments and it’s hard to get a clear shot. I managed to get a couple of nice images that I am happy with but, as I mentioned before, this was one of those rare occasions for me where the music was more important than my images.


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  1. Great pictures of Wintergatan s concert!!!

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